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Journalism is the primary school of diplomacy     (Alfred Camus FR)

Harry's "public life" did NOT start in the events world and with the 'spoken word', but in the press and thus with the 'written word'.

Although there was a strong connection between these two worlds from the beginning.

Harry started his career at the publishing house Roularta, where he was responsible for the "promotion" of the various magazines of that magazine group.

In the first phase, this mainly started with the newspaper Great Antwerp (later 'Regional Newspaper') and was followed shortly afterwards by Knack Magazine (Economics and politics) and Trends (Financial world).

The various actions he was allowed to organize, such as car rallys, fashion shows, children's days, student events etc. each time got hundreds of people moving, so that he was soon asked to also become the reporter of those activities, and so began his career as a journalist.

And apparently, "the word" whether spoken or written, turned out to be his thing.

So when he left Roularta to stand on his own feet as a presenter and speaker, he also continued to write for various media at the same time.

'Antwerp Night and Day'


Antwerp Revue 

'Ons Antwerpen' (first four-color newspaper in Flanders)

'Furore Magazine' (culinary enjoyment with popular artists (photos Jan Vivijs)

'KMO Insider' Monthly business magazine with a column about the 'Customer Chasing Club' his signature keynote.

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Harry van Hest - Journalist

Harry van Hest - video - Journalist
Journalist - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest

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